AILIPU Ailipu3.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with FM, USB, SD- Silver

UGX 140,900

Ailipu 3.1 Hifi Multi media bluetooth speaker with FM, USD SD connections – silver
Channel Subwoofer is elegantly designed with superb finish and would definitely fit seamlessly fit with the rest of your décor. The Subwoofer has Bluetooth connectivity and can pair with any parable gadgets. Enjoy your music with wireless convenience. What’s more you can listen to music from multiple sources. The Ailipu Subwoofer  is a compact unit composing of 1 main speaker and three speakers which include two tallboy speakers. the speakers balance audio to give you the ultimate surround sound experience. Whether you are listening to music, gaming or watching a movie the subwoofer is built to perform like a pro.
Quality & Excellence
You can surely recognize The subs are well designed and come with a unique style. The best thing about them is, even the smallest subwoofers, they still deliver a pumping, deep and clean bass. specializes in quality and excellence hence it’s one of the best authoritative brand available here at Saruk. If you have a strong craving for music, Subwoofers will give you the best of jazz, blues, reggae, hip-hop or anything else. They provide an excellent bass from all the corners of your room. The material that makes up these subs are of high quality to give you the best service.

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